Technical Topics

Technical papers for these sessions have been invited from around the world, which will be screened, selected and awarded SAE International number as per SAE International norms. "Four papers per session" will be presented under the following titles.

Technical Sessions

  • Advanced Engine Technologies
  • Alternative Fuels and Propulsion Technologies
  • Emissions Control
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Vehicle Architecture and Communication Networks
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Automotive Infotronics
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Handling
  • Advances in HVAC Systems
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods
  • Virtual Prototyping and Testing
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Adaptive Electronics Controls
  • Advanced Diesel Technologies
  • On Board Diagnostics/Prognostics/RFID
  • Hydraulics/Electro-hydraulics
  • Safety Systems
  • Braking & Steering System
  • Chassis & Suspension Systems
  • Design/Simulation/Modeling
  • Military Applications & Dual Use Technologies
  • Telematics
  • Alloys/Lightweight Materials
  • Global Standardization/Harmonization
  • Frugal Engineering
  • Vehicle Energy Management
  • Design for environment

*Last date for abstract submission 7th June, 2013.

Event Features

Forums, presentations, and discussions by automotive and commercial/off-highway vehicle industry leaders and innovators, focusing on global issues relating to technology, business, processes and challenges facing our industry today and tomorrow.

Cutting-edge technical sessions for engineering professionals to learn, discuss, and benefit from the latest trends

Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions have been planned each day on 4th to 7th Dec 2013.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions with eminent personalities from Automotive Industry, Government & Academia are planned.

Technology Theatre

SIMCOMVEC Technology theatre provides an opportunity for companies to make presentations showcasing their technologies. These presentations are reviewed by a panel of experts and will focus on the latest advancements in automotive technology for absorption and application in design and development, production, process testing and quality control.