Rules & Regulations



Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India

Dates & Duration of Exhibition

4th Dec to 7th Dec 2013, 3.5 Days.

A company / organisation / institution or individual who books space at the Exposition is referred to as -Exhibitor.

Stall Booking

  • Allotment of Exhibition stalls is on First - Come - First - Served basis.
  • Will be confirmed on payment of specified tariff as per schedule.

No Sub-Letting

The exhibitors are not allowed to assign/ sub-let or grant licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the space / stall allotted to them.

Rights of Organisers

  • To reject application for space/stalls without assigning any reason
  • To amend the terms and conditions of participation, if required, and issue additional rules and regulations for the Exhibitors from time to time which shall be binding on the Exhibitors.
  • To recover compensation for losses / damages caused to the property or reasonable penalty for any contravention of the terms of participation from the Exhibitor.
  • To postpone, curtail, extend or abandon the Exposition or close some or all sections of it temporarily or permanently, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Organiser’s control. Consequently, organizers will not entertain any claim for compensation for such decision.
  • To take photographs or video films of any of the stalls and to use the same for promotional work.
  • To refuse permission to any Exhibitor to clear his stall if he has not paid all the dues to the Organiser or retain the exhibits or other goods of the exhibitor


Organisers shall not be responsible for any loss at the venue whatsoever incurred by Exhibitors. The Exhibitor should obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for their exhibits and individuals against all risks for the period commencing with the preparation, installation, exposition duration, dismantling, and departure from the site.

Additional Charges

Exhibitors availing raw space will be given a defined area with electrical connections. Any additional items required will have to be intimated in advance and will be charged extra.

Stall Possession

Exhibitors availing raw space have to take possession of their defined area as per schedule.

Full and final payment of participation fees, and charge for other additional services should be made by Bankers Cheques / D.D. Stalls will be handed over for construction and occupation only after receipt of full and final payment.

Should the exhibitor not make full payment or not occupy space by the time specified for installation of the exhibits, the organisers reserve the right to allocate or use the space as they deem appropriate.

Stall Design and Construction

All exhibits and display material must be kept within the allocated space by the exhibitors; designed structures must not interfere with the overall exhibition format or the visibility of other stalls.

The design of structure or displays must be submitted for the approval of the organizers at least 60 days prior to the start of the exhibition.

The organizers reserve the right to specify changes in the design of structure for strict compliance by Exhibitors.

Stall Completion

Stall construction work should be completed on 4th Dec 2013.

Exhibitors are not permitted to store their exhibit materials/ empty cartons in areas other than the stall allotted to them.

Material Handling

Material handling within the premises will be carried out by an agency authorised by the Organisers.

Removal of Exhibits

The Exhibitors shall ensure that, the stall is vacated within the stipulated hours after the event on the closing day. The organizers will not be responsible / or liable for any security after the close of the event on 7th Dec 2013.

In the event the Exhibitor fails to vacate the premises within the time stipulated by the organizers, any additional charges by way of rent to the venue will be charged to the Exhibitor and should be settled in full before vacating the premises.

Non Allocation, Cancellation, and Non Participation

If the organisers cannot allot a stall, money paid by the prospective Exhibitor for stall booking will be refunded.

For cancellations by the Exhibitor before 31st August 2013, 75% of the total amount will only be refunded to the Exhibitor.

For cancellation of participation by the Exhibitor before 30th Sep 2013, 75% amount paid will be forfeited.

For cancellations after 1st October 2013, 100% amount paid will be forfeited.

If any Exhibitor fails to turn up to take possession of their stall by 12.00 hrs on 5th December 2013 or cancels his participation at the last moment, Organisers shall utilize the stall in any manner they deem fit, forfeiting all the money paid by the Exhibitor.

Force Majeure

In the event of either Party being rendered unable by force Majeure event to perform any obligation required to be performed by it under this Agreement, the relative obligation of the Party affected by such force Majeure shall upon notification to the other Party, be suspended for the period during which the effect of the force Majeure event lasts.

The term ‘Force Majeure’ as employed herein shall mean but not be limited to the acts of God (including exceptional adverse weather conditions), earthquake, fire (not caused by the negligence of either Party), war (declared or undeclared), invasion, rebellion, revolt, riot (other than among employees of either Party), civil commotion, civil war, epidemic outbreak, plague, strike, act(s) of omission/ commission by any concerned, Government(s), or government agencies, judicial or quasi-judicial authorities.

Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, in the event of undue postponement/ cancellation of the Conference due to natural calamity, political instability, epidemic outbreak, war, riots or any other reason whatsoever, OC shall NOT be liable to pay to the exhibitor any the expenses that may have been incurred by the exhibitor for the Conference.


Although a 24 hours security service will be in operation throughout the exhibition period, exhibitors should take all possible precautions to safe guard their products / exhibits in their respective stalls.

Exhibitors are advised not to keep or store any hazardous material in the stall / space/pathways occupied by them. Any violation will be the risk and responsibility of the Exhibitor.


This Agreement shall be construed, and interpreted, in accordance with, and governed by, Laws and Regulations of India and the courts in Chennai shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes between the Parties relating to this Agreement